2024 STAGE 3 - BYOB - Bring Your Own Bike - GBM / CTMP

New for 2024 - STAGE 3 - BRING YOUR OWN BIKE!

New for 2024 is our STAGE 3 - Bring Your Own Bike Program.  This program is for graduates of our STAGE 1 - Introductory Program or STAGE 2 - Continuation Program.

This 2 day program is designed specifically for students that would like to hone their track riding skills learned in our other programs on their own motorcycle.  For people interested in pursuing track days or racing, this is the course for you!

The first day of the program gives students a feel for what is involved in preparing for track days and racing including bike preparation and pit set-up.  Your instructor will also spend time on basic suspension set-up and tuning.  You will ride with your instructor and individually throughout the program working on all of the basic and advanced skills learned in STAGE 1 and STAGE 2.  Day 2 will be an instructional track day where you will work with your instructor and receive video feedback as well.

The STAGE 3 Program will be offered at Grand Bend Motorplex and Canadian Tire Motorsports Park - DDT.  This course will require some specific motorcycle preparation.

See this link for details regarding bike preparation.


DAY 1:

  • Track Walk
  • Preparing for Track Days and Racing - Classroom Session
  • Introduction to Suspension Set-up
  • Open Practice time - Instructors will fortify and expand on aspects of riding taught in previous courses.

  • 6:1 Student Instructor Ratio

  • Rental Gear Available ($60/day charge)

DAY 2:

  • Instructional Track Day

  • Instructor coaching with video feedback

  • Rental Gear Available ($60/day charge)