FAQ - What should I bring to wear?

All riders must wear appropriate riding gear, no exceptions. Safety First! This includes: Full-face helmet, leather suit, boots, leather gloves and back protector.

Helmet: All riders must wear a full-face motorcycle helmet in good, undamaged condition.
SNELL M2015 or SNELL M2010 and/or BSI 6658 Type A or ECE 22.05 with a factory manufacturer date of 6 years or less. Open face helmets or modular helmets will not be accepted.

Riders will be asked to present their helmet to tech for approval. Approval lies with RACER5 Tech inspector solely. Riders may also be requested to present other safety gear at any time during an event for inspection.

Leathers: Full one piece or two-piece with 360 degree zip around leather motorcycle suits only.

Boots: All leather boots must extend at least 6 inches above the ankle to approximately mid-calf, overlapping the trouser leg at all times. Boots must NOT use any slider/protective device using metal, steel, titanium or a similar material that creates sparks.

Gloves: All riders must wear guantlet leather gloves with no holes or openings except breathing pinholes.

Back protector: CE Level 2 hard shell back protectors are mandatory and must be worn at all times when operating a motorcycle. Foam or soft-shell protectors are not acceptable.

All motorcycle gear must be:

Free from rips, tears, cracks, excessive wear, exposed seams, age or damage.

If it is raining we also suggest riders use rain gear.

Racer5 offers rental gear providing all items but the helmet. All Racer5 gear is cleaned and disinfected after each rental. Contact us should you have any questions or wish to rent our gear.