FAQ - VIP Track Day Bike Prep Requirements



To prepare your bike for your track day, please ensure you follow the requirements below. All bikes must pass our Racer5 tech inspection before admittance on the track.

  • Coolant must be drained and replaced with distilled water – Water Wetter or Mocool is permitted however glycol-based additives are NOT allowed

  • Mirrors must be removed or taped

  • All glass, headlights, turn signals and plastic lenses must be taped over or removed. Lights must not be visible.

  • Sidestand removed or zip-tied up

  • Chain adjusted properly

  • Brake pad material is sufficient and in working order

  • Suspension not leaking

  • Steering Head Bearings feel smooth when turning or compressing the suspension

  • Wheels turn freely

  • Tires must be in good condition

  • Throttle return spring works

  • Emergency kill switch operational

  • Clutch works (return spring)

  • Footpegs secured

  • Bodywork secured

  • No visible oil leaks

  • All bikes must have a handlebar-mounted kill switch in working order

  • All valve stems must have caps

  • License plates removed

  • It is advised that wheel balance weights be taped over

Participants with bikes that fail the tech inspection will not be allowed on the track, nor will they be given any refunds.