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Our brand-new Continuation Program @ GRAND BEND is specifically designed for our introductory program graduates and runs over 3 days. The focus of the course is to refresh our students on the tools previously developed during your Introductory program in order to set you up for the season ahead. The course is not only designed to get your mind refocused on precision motorcycle riding but to also implement new, and more advanced riding techniques. Our key goal is to ensure that upon completion of the course you will be hitting the road confidently and more safely. Iron out any kinks on the racetrack, not the street and be prepared for the riding season.

The course is carried out over 3 days and has a 6:1 instructor student ratio. Day one of the program gives students very focused instruction along with a refresher on the Introductory Program skills. The second day is designed as an instructional track day where students can practice their skills along with implementing new and more advanced riding skills working with your instructor. Day three is a track day to practice your skills. Riding coaches will still be present to help with any areas that you would like assistance with.

The days are broken down as follows: 

DAY 1:

  • Track Etiquette Refresher
  • Body Positioning Refresher
  • Passing Refresher
  • Open Practice time - Instructors will fortify and expand on aspects of riding that they have observed in the earlier refresher sessions.
  • Racer5 6:1 Student Instructor Ratio

DAY 2:

  • Continued advance rider practice and instruction
  • Instructional Trackday

Day 3

  •       Continued Advanced rider practice
  •       Trackday